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Cambridge Construction’s services are customized to meet each of our client’s needs, and are governed by the structure of the project team and the delivery approach. Whether the project delivery requires a traditional bonded general contractor, or delivery through management of individual owner-held subcontractor agreements, the systems governing success remain constant. Design management, cost management and schedule control, coupled with clear communication systems and identifiable deliverable, will inevitably produce a quality project and a satisfied client. Our services include the following:

CM at Risk


Construction Management

CM Agency

Owners Representation

General Construction

Project Management

Preconstruction Services

Sustainable Construction:

Cambridge is pursuing an environmentally responsible approach to all of our construction projects. Our commitment is to continually expand our knowledge base of sustainable building practices and our goal is to identify avenues to incorporate sustainable construction practices on all of our projects, whether or not the project is going for certification. Our sustainable construction practices encompass:

  • Emphasis on subcontractor participation in all LEED practices
  • Collaborative interfacing with Owner and Design team
  • True Preconstruction and Estimating with: – Detailed estimates – System analysis with options for green-compliant systems and products – Leed Accredited Professionals to ensure green construction and controls
  • Stringent LEED accounting from start to finish
  • Accredited Professionals on-site supervision to manage green practices and creative thinking to achieve LEED credits whenever possible
  • Proper commissioning coordinated between the engineer and subcontractors
  • Close-out procedures with accurate documentation detailing all of our LEED credits achieved